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Why study in Poland?

Maybe you look for education providing the best professional skills and knowledge,  maybe you look for modern universities with rich tradition, maybe you want to study in a beautiful country. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear - your next step is come to Poland to achieve your goal!                                 

Why choose Poland?

Polish educational system provides high quality services. That is proven by the success of Polish professionals working all over the world, acclaimed as perfectly educated, creative and effective. Studies in Poland cost much less than in most European countries, and cost of living is much lower.  

Do I have to speak Polish?

There are English courses available for international students, so you don't have to speak Polish. If you prefer to study in Polish, you can attend preparatory Polish courses before the beginning of study

What are the tuition fees at Polish institutions?

The minimal tuition fee is 2000 euro a year. Although, universities may set higher amount for particular courses, so you should verify the cost of studying in a University of your choice.
 What are the living expenses in Poland?

The living expenses in Poland are much lower than in most EU countries. The amount of 200-400 Euro should cover the monthly costs of accommodation, food and transport. 
 Is Poland safe?

Poland is a safe country. According to statistics, it's one of the safest within the EU. Nevertheless, precautious behavior is necessary, as anywhere in the world.

Am I allowed to work in Poland?

If you're a EU/EEA citizen you are allowed to work full time without any permission. If you're a citizen of Belarus, Russia or Ukraine you may work for 3 months in a period no longer than 6 months. All other nationals may work without a permission in July, August and September. 

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