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Office in charge of Disabled Person

Support to disabled students at Cracow University of Economics is offered by the Office in charge of Disabled Person

Student Office hours: Monday - Friday 9 am - 3 pm
Anna Stawowy, MSc
Marzena Dudek, MSc
Building D, room 20
Phone +48122935120

The University's campus is almost entirely adapted to the needs of persons with physical disabilities. Entrances to all the buildings are adapted to persons using wheelchairs. The lowered curbstones make access to the buildings easier. Each building has specially adapted lavatories. Building C is equipped with a double numbering of floors with Braille signs and sound signals, which facilitates access to buildings A, B and E. The swimming-pool in the Education and Sports Hall is also adapted - it has a threshold-free entrance from zero level as well as a cloakroom, bathroom and lavatory adapted to the needs of the disabled. Information signs - pictograms, are placed in front of the adapted buildings. The campus is in the close vicinity of public transport stops and the railway and bus stations.

Students suffering from sight dysfunction may rely on the support of assistant staff, the possibility of recording classes, and they have access to library resources with the use of reading-supporting devices.

The Office in charge of Disabled Persons, depending on its available resources, will try to offer its support to all students regardless of the type of their disability.

Foreign students with disabilities who plan to attend a course at CUE are requested to contact the Office by mail or phone to notify us of their specific needs. The sooner the Office is informed of the needs of foreign students, the greater the chance that those needs will be satisfied.