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Hostels and rooms renting

Admission to the University generally does not include an offer of accommodation in a student dormitory. International students have two options on how to find accommodation in Cracow:

Option 1: self-arranged option
Option 2: Tutor Accommodation Services (real estate agency)

In option 2, flats are provided by real estate agencies which cooperate with the International Programmes Office. Groups of our international students are guided through the process of finding appropriate accommodation by an experienced agent who acts as your accommodation tutor.
Students should fill out the accommodation form and send it back to the International Students Advisor along with their application documents.

Please consider getting in touch with the accommodation tutor if you would like assistance in finding accommodation in Cracow. Real estate agency charges a small fee for each student who uses their help (the fee equals 60% of the monthly rent which the student is going to pay to his/her landlord). The accommodation tutor may also provide temporary residence upon your arrival to Cracow, so you can stay there for a few days while the accommodation tutor is showing you different apartments to choose from (you will have an opportunity of seeing a few different offers before you make your choice).

The University's own premises in Cracow

al. 29 Listopada 48A, tel. 411-88-26

ul. Racławicka 9, tel. 294-53-63, 294-53-64, (tel.fax.) 294-53-65
strona internetowa: http://dsfafik.ae.krakow.pl/

Rented accommodation:


"Miasteczko Studenckie AGH"
ul. Reymonta 17, tel. 634-56-26


more information: