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Like everywhere in Europe but hardly claims to be a shopper's paradise.

Very attractive and inexpensive are: jewellery made of amber, handmade objects such as for instance hand-woven tapestries (kilimy) with traditional folk patterns, or Polish crystal. However, antiques are the most desirable items to be found in Poland.

Cracow has majority of European supermarkets and hypermarkets (open 24 h) such as Geant, Real, Tesco, Carrefour, M1, and other Polish networks.

Gifts to buy

If you're buying for a woman, a handbag fromBatycki makes a lovely gift - their sleek store can be found in the palatial new mall on the main Market Square (Rynek 13). Similarly, amber jewellery is a good Polish option. Try one of theMikolajczyk shops at the foot of the Royal Castle (ul. Kanonicza 22).
Krosno offers beautifully made glassware at marvellously low prices. This pre-war firm survived the communist era and continues to go from strength to strength. You can find its shop on the main Market Square, just north of St Mary's church.
A bottle of Polish vodka can also make a fine present. Zubrowka (bison grass vodka) is one of the oldest and is excellent served neat - always frozen - or with apple juice and a slice of lemon. Another speciality is Krupnik, a delicious honey liqueur. In winter you might pick up a bottle of the delicious local, mulled wine, Grzaniec Galicyjski. Once you've got it home, just add a few cloves and heat.