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Medical Service

We advise you to obtain an insurance cover, since private health care is expensive. There is a full range of drugs in the pharmacies. In case of emergency the University Medical Service situated at number 16 in Rakowicka street, in the same building as the IPO. The National Health Service is serving international students.

Temporary residence permits in Poland issued to the citizens of the Member States of the European Union and Economic Area.


Foreign students and academics should purchasethird party liability insurance and accident insurance in their home countries.

Getting hold of health insurance is also necessary. Otherwise you will be asked to pay for any health service you get.

 Beginning on 1 May 2004 EU citizens are entitled to free health service providing they present:

1. current student ID

2. current passport or other ID document

3. one of the following insurance certificates:

   - E-paper (eg. E111, E128) or

   - European Health Insurance Card or

   - Insurance Certificate issued in a home country

   - a certificate issued in Poland by National Health Fund (NFZ-Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) on the ground of the above listed documents.

The documents are issued for a defined period. Free health service is provided to the holder of those documents during the stated period only

For detailed information, please contact appropriate authorities at home institution (e.g. International Relations Office).