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Product Manager - Bachelor Studies

The course responds to the growing demand for specialists responsible for the technology, market development and quality of the product and its brand image. The economy in the era of globalization, information revolution and ever-present competition creates demand for managers able to create modern, flexible and effective marketing strategies. Companies need professionals responsible for technology, market development and product quality as well as building the brand image of the product. There is a need to train a new type of manager who will be able to manage the product: create its image, put it on the market and sell through various distribution channels.

The course puts large emphasis on product innovation and adaptation to consumer's needs and expectations. The course educates and prepares students for management (design) of product  according to market needs and innovative solutions for the enterprise market behavior (use of marketing instruments and quality).

Graduates will actively, creatively and effectively operate in market economy. With multi-disciplinary knowledge, they will be in charge of the production process - from product design, through the entire life cycle, to its appropriate utilization after use or damage. Graduates will independently make decisions related to the construction and strengthening competitiveness of the company. "Product manager" programme prepares for creating and verifying practical ideas for products in order to meet customer needs.

A graduate of this major will be a sought after and valuable expert in product design. Graduates will find employment in various economic sectors: domestic and foreign trade companies, industrial design projects, transportation, warehouse economy, freight forwarding companies, quality forming branches, logistics companies, research laboratories in industry and commerce, manufacturing companies, marketing departments, as well as in their own production and sales companies.